Back to School Pedestrian Safety Tips from Allstate

Back to School Pedestrian Safety Tips from Allstate
Teaching Basic Skills

Teaching children proper street crossing procedures is essential to helping them develop awareness of their surroundings and improving their safety. The CDC and Safe Routes to School offer a wealth of resources designed to teach youngsters essential skills for walking to and from school safely, such as coloring books, route planners and videos. Among the basic child safety lessons they recommend include the following.
  • Kids should be taught to only use designated crosswalks, such as at traffic lights or marked school crossing spots, says the CDC.
  • According to Safe Routes to School, a green light does not mean it’s safe to walk – it means you should look for cars first, and only then begin crossing.
  • Teach kids to look left-right-left before crossing, and to continue doing so while they cross. Kids should remain alert for cars turning on red, according to Safe Routes to School.
  • Just because you can see the driver, he or she may not be able to see you. Make certain the driver can see you before you cross, says Safe Routes to School.
  • If walking in the dark – such as in early morning or evening hours – wearing reflective clothing or carrying a flashlight is important for visibility, says the CDC.
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