Hochheim Insurance Company Celebrates 125 years!

Hochheim Insurance Company Celebrates 125th Anniversary in 2017
As 2016 draws to an end and 2017 begins, Hochheim is proud to
announce that the company will be celebrating its 125th year of “Texans
Serving Texans Since 1892″; the underlying principle of our Association
is its mutual composition. Hochheim members own the company.
Unlike a stock company, there is never a conflict of interest between
those who own the company and those who are served by it, because
in a mutual company, they are one in the same.
Hochheim is unique as there are only eighteen Farm Mutual companies in Texas. Created by
farmers who were unable to secure insurance on their homes and property, Farm Mutuals
traditionally cater to families in rural communities. These humble beginnings have evolved to
allow Farm Mutuals to offer specialized coverage for property that does not fit the cookie-cutter
approach of some national carriers.
The success of Hochheim follows the standards, vision, courage, integrity and energy
exemplified by the founding fathers. These qualities, when combined with the expertise,
technology and concepts of today, will insure the continuing success of this Association into the
next century and beyond. The history of Hochheim is interwoven with the lives of many people
who have left their tracks on the sand of time. Thank you for your partnership and being a loyal
agency to members of the Hochheim family. May we continue to maintain a positive presence in
the communities of Texas for many years!
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