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Life Insurance Q&A

Answers to your Life Insurance Questions
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Your questions answered about life insurance:
How much life Insurance do I need?
Most experts, suggest that you carry 7-10X your income for life insurance.
Why is life insurance important?
Life insurance helps cover expenses when a spouse dies. For example, mortgage debt, car loans, school tuition, and everyday living expenses will need to be covered if you your spouse passes away.
If you do not have a child, is life insurance still necessary?
Yes, because your spouse will still need to cover your debts.
If I have a pre existing medical problem will I be able to get life insurance?
Yes, but rates will be slightly higher than a healthy person with no major medical histories such as cancer, diabetes, or heart attacks. This is why getting life insurance early in life before health problems might arise is so important. Even if you don’t have kids yet, but are planning on it, life insurance is important.
What type of policy do you recommend for people to purchase?
Each person’s needs are different, but typically most people purchase a 20-30 year term life policy.
Tell me about the life insurance process?
-Contact one of our agents for a life insurance quote.
-We schedule a nurse to come to your house to perform a minor medical exam.
-Once we get results back, we finalize the rate and the application.
-We try to make the process as simple, fast, and efficient for our clients as possible.
ING: Why do I need life insurance?
ING: Why do I need life insurance?
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